Thank you for being interested in Vibrate-A-Way make sure to fill out this form to see if you would be a good fit to become a Vibrate-A-Way specialist!

By submitting this agreement form, I agree to the following terms of the certification in the area selected above. My obligation in this agreement holds that once I purchase from Vibrate-A-Way I will

  • complete the course of instruction to the best of my ability;

  • perform the Vibrate-A-Way Technique on each client to the best of my ability, doing my best to provide the highest level of care possible

  • maintain the purity of the Vibrate-A-Way Technique by performing it exactly as I am taught without adding to it or omitting from it;

  • do my due diligence to ensure that in my state or country there are no restrictions for the application of vibration to another individual, nor is there any regulation of financial transactions made for that purpose;

  • renew my certification within 365 days by paying the fee ($600 as of this date) and completing any additional applicable education offered during that term, above that which I've already completed at my certification level.

  • Not train or teach another person the Vibrate-A-Way Technique above the level of the book "Escaping the Pain Matrix" without special certification/authority from Vibrate-A-Way Incorporated to do so.

 I understand that should I fail to complete any portion of the obligations and responsibilities as the Student Candidate named in this agreement, Vibrate-A-Way, Inc. will revoke my certification which allows me to perform the Vibrate-A-Way Technique using its company name and for financial payment. If my certification is revoked, I must cease performing the technique and using the Vibrate-A-Way name as a business entity and accepting any form of payment for services pertaining to Vibrate-A-Way.

As stated, the certification for each course is valid for 365 days from the date it is granted. To uphold and maintain the purity of this technique to be performed exactly as it is intended, each Certified Specialist, Certified Advanced Specialist and Certified Instructor must stay up-to-date on all applicable education within each level of certification in order to renew. Furthermore, each must be approved upon annual re-evaluation to recertify. If all available updated education is not completed, or re-evaluation is not approved, or the $600 recertification fee is not paid--if any of these situations occur--I understand that my certification will be revoked until the situation has been realigned to Vibrate-A-Way's conditions.

All continued education costs are covered under the recertification fee as long as I am completing education within my certification level.

Vibrate-A-Way, Inc. does not guarantee employment or financial gain as a result of any certification level.

Vibrate-A-Way, Inc. is not responsible for errors made by any certified individuals, nor any dissatisfaction of clients.

Vibrate-A-Way gives all certified individuals the right to set their own fee schedule for clients.

All certified individuals are responsible for their own tax information and data. Vibrate-A-Way, Inc. does not regulate or retain income data for any certified individuals.

I am solely responsible for ensuring that I may legally perform and receive financial compensation for the application of vibration in my state/country. Vibrate-A-Way, Inc. is in no way, under any circumstance, responsible for my actions.

I agree to terms & conditions provided by the company. By providing my phone number, I agree to receive text messages from the business.

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