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"My movements were restricted, my left ankle was almost touching the floor. I was in pain. Not now! I'm walking upright with fluid movements and much less pain. No surgery in my future!"

A message from Dr. Daniel R. Woodruff

Gaylord, Michigan
Author of Home Massager Hacks, The Pain Matrix; Founder of Vibrate-A-Way

I’ve always believed that in order to fix a problem in a new way, you need to see the problem in a new way.

For almost 25 years, I’ve been on the front lines of health care, myself, and have seen firsthand the problems of following “how it’s always been done” in chiropractic, physical therapy, and the Standard Healthcare System as a whole.

Maybe you’re trapped on the other side of the System, paying visits to the same practitioners endlessly for months, years, or even decades, and the discomfort never goes away. Or maybe you’re in need of surgery or just went "under the knife"; have you become dependent on prescription painkillers just to keep the pain at bay? Are you struggling to simply live your life and function every day? Do you wish that you could not only function every day but actually have a chance to live your best life, without suffering as you've been? For too many of us, we can no longer enjoy our favorite activities, especially activities with those we love most. What if there was a new way--a new solution?

My desire is to change the way the human race views pain, movement, and healthcare. My hope is that after reading this, you will find yourself hopeful and begin your journey to a fuller, more pain-free life.

Have you ever snapped a pencil in half? Imagine a pencil broken in two pieces. Where is the problem? It might seem natural to assume the middle, the broken part. But is it really? I propose that the problem lies in the forces on both ends of the pencil that caused it to break.

After feeling trapped in the Standard Healthcare System for far too long, I became increasingly dissatisfied with the inability to give my patients both short-term and long-term solutions to their pain and dysfunction. I was so limited, just like every other practitioner in this System, that my patients had to keep coming back to be treated for the same problems. I had to find the root of these problems; so, I began researching and experimenting, and would you believe what I discovered? The location of their pain was almost never where their problem was!

It was at this point that I began a deep dive into chronic pain and accommodative imbalances and found The Secret!

I changed the way I treated patients and began turning back the hands of time. Countless patients felt immediate relief of pain they'd suffered with for years! They could stand straighter, walk smoother, and do things they hadn't done since they could remember! I found that within weeks, their posture and movement was as though they were 20 or even 30 years younger. It felt like a miracle was happening before my very eyes!

I’ve seen seniors who were labeled with permanent debilitating conditions, confined by the prison bars of their own declining health, shake their shackles of pain away and live their golden years to the fullest. I’ve worked with athletes who, after unlocking these secrets, finally recovered from nagging injuries and perform now like never before. And everyday workers who endured irritating discomfort before coming into my clinic and experiencing life-changing improvements to their posture, movement, and energy levels. You'll find you're so much more focused and efficient when you're not distracted by pain!

In this book, my plan is to show you in a very simplified way how you and your loved ones can look better, move better, and enjoy life again without pain holding you back. It’s kind of like a step-by-step set of instructions to not just tape the broken pencil back together, referring to the previous analogy, but to keep the forces in check on either end that would re-break it.

Whether you’re an athlete trying to improve your performance or someone who’s dealing with unprecedented pain, I guarantee this book will change your life. Imagine no longer relying on pills or medication, planning for surgeries and the long recoveries that follow, or endlessly paying for visits to practitioners who lack a solution to your pain. I believe this secret was revealed to me, not just so I can help those at my clinic, but also to change the lives of people around the world--starting with you! You deserve a solution!

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Carol and I want to thank you for the Home Massager Hacks book and the training session you gave us on the massage techniques. We have been doing the massages for each other
2-3 times per week and I have to say the results have been fantastic. Our pain levels have gone way down since implementing the techniques. The routines are really easy. We use the book for reference (which is also really easy to follow) and now we are doing the massage routines by memory. One thing we have learned is that these techniques relieve pain in areas that don't even get massaged! Thanks again for everything and for showing us how easy it is to "do it yourself" to maintain our health and well being.

Tom & Carol

What You'll Receive

-- Learn how to fix posture & movement, eradicating your pain in the process​

-- 3 step-by-step protocols that provide immediate relief for different parts of your body​

-- Instructions on how to treat others & how to assess posture easily, even if this is your first time!

-- Detailed drawings & photographs of exactly how to use your home massager correctly

​-- What to expect before & after each protocol, so you can confirm you are getting the right results!

BONUS: Free sample of The Pain Matrix​

BONUS: Behind-the-scenes video footage​

BONUS: 30 days access to video protocols

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Begin your transformation - 100% satisfaction guarantee!