Vibrate-A-Way Testimonials

My organization, the Minnesota Twins, addressed movement issues with my body and came to the conclusion that pelvic tilt was a high priority. Pelvic tilt they found was a big contributor to velocity in their studies. Ahdi helped me workout the imbalances and it’s now showing. Ahdi has gone above and beyond to help me get my body in its best position to perform. He is extremely knowledgeable and doesn’t coach using a cookie cutter method. He understands my strengths and weaknesses and uses them to design a workout that challenges me both physically and mentally.

Tyler Palm, Minor League Baseball Pitcher

Oakland Golden Grizzlies & Cedar Rapids Kernels

Treated at Body By Ahdi, Vibrate-A-Way Center in Clarkston, MI

Debi, 67, sustained an injury that left her with a wounded neck. On a normal day, Debi would take anywhere from 4-10 painkillers just to dampen the pain a little, although they had limited success. Debi found that her pain levels subsided after receiving care from a Vibrate-A-Way practitioner. Her flexibility and range of motion also increased, as she experienced holistic improvement across her body.

Carol and I want to thank you for the Vibrate-A-Way system and the training session you gave us on the massage techniques. We have been doing the massages for each other 2 - 3 times per week and I have to say the results have been fantastic. Our pain levels have gone way down since implementing the techniques. The routines are really easy. We use the book for reference (which is also really easy to follow) and now we are doing the massage routines by memory. One thing we have learned is that these techniques relieve pain in areas that don't even get massaged! Thanks again for everything and for showing us how easy it is to "do it yourself" to maintain our health and well being.​​

Tom & Carol

Ahdi & Jean Dasuqi: Dynamic Mother/Son Duo

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