Vibrate-A-Way 101

Vibrate-A-Way is the future's solution to an age-old problem of musculoskeletal pain & dysfunction. We believe that the current way this problem is addressed is a Matrix: outdated patterns and systems--followed blindly--that are all too lacking for a solution.​

The Vibrate-A-Way system addresses the accommodations the brain makes to our posture. Our brain, being incredibly complex & intelligent, but also shortcut-oriented and self-absorbed at the same time, seeks to preserve physical stability (homeostasis) by accommodating our posture. Some of these accommodations are temporary, such as when you stand on a rocking boat. Others are created as a result of injury or trauma, and the brain isn't willing to allow the body's correct posture and movement to return to the original baseline, even after the injury has healed. Sooner or later, as this incorrect posture and movement of your body stacks upon other accommodations, this problem compounds and creates undue stress on muscles & joints, leading to even more injury, pain, discomfort, and restricted movement.​

Vibrate-A-Way utilizes vibration technology to send signals to the parts of the brain that insist on these accommodations and rolls back many of the debilitating adjustments your brain has made to your posture over your lifetime. Not just any vibrational technique will do, however. The brain, like a computer, requires very specific, sequential instructions. These instructions are covered in Home Massager Hacks and Escaping The Pain Matrix.​

Although most people experience immediate improvement and relief, this is typically a 60-day program because the brain often requires about that much time to accept the corrected posture and movement as its new normal without reverting back. Finally, Vibrate-A-Way was created to improve your quality of life. Our Pain-Free Initiative is based on the refusal to accept the status quo in standard healthcare or to blame past injuries for chronic conditions. As a result, we are revolutionizing the way both doctors and patients around the world view and treat pain, so that you and we all can live our best lives.

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