Meet the Vibrate-A-Way Team

Dr. Daniel Woodruff, B.S.C., D.C., Founder

Daniel Woodruff, B.S.C., D.C., is a practicing healthcare provider of 24 years, lecturer, media personality, and creator of the Vibrate-A-Way technique and program. Dr. Woodruff initially earned his Bachelor's degree in Communications and Broadcast Journalism, but after several years he discovered his true calling: spreading God's love and light through healing.

After a chiropractor changed his life, taking away headaches that had plagued him for years, he moved to Kansas City to attend Cleveland Chiropractic College. After graduation, he worked first as an associate, then as an owner of three chiropractic clinics. He also served on the board for the Northern Michigan Chapter of the Red Cross.

Over time, he became dissatisfied with traditional standards of healthcare. "How it's always been done" has led us to problems ranging from too many physical therapy or chiropractic visits to increased surgeries and even the opioid addiction pandemic. So, he embarked on a journey of research and experimentation that led to the formulation of Neuromuscular Modulation, which is the method and basis of his technique. The results have been astonishing! He has been able to improve acute injuries and decades-long accommodative imbalances in just days! Countless lives have been changed, and he feels a great sense of urgency to propel The Pain-Free Initiative, giving the rest of the world hope for a greater quality of life.

Jessica Woodruff, President

Jessica's background is alternative medical. Having studied specifically nutrition and other modes of natural healing as a single mom of two daughters, she was well on her way to becoming a naturopathic doctor....when destiny called her on a whole new adventure: life with Dr. Dan!

While her passion of natural healing wasn't meant to be expressed in the way she planned, another opportunity revealed itself that proved much dearer to her heart: The Pain-Free Initiative. You see, when Jessica was just 7 years old, she was struck by a large, fast-moving car and subsequently the ice bank she was thrown onto, resulting in several musculoskeletal injuries. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, her injuries were not treated correctly. While she didn't notice a lot of pain or dysfunction when she was an adolescent, in her 20s, she did--and so did Dr. Dan. "I don't know what my future would look like without Dan and Vibrate-A-Way," Jessica says. "With what little is understood in mainstream healthcare in relation to my own dysfunction, I would have expected to live with pain and severe immobility as I grow older.

Because of Vibrate-A-Way, my future is bright! Most days are pain-free, and even those that aren't, just a quick touch-up is all I need to feel amazing, move freely and do all I want to do to make that day great!" With a story like this, you can understand why The Pain-Free Initiative is so important for Jessica to share. Jessica doesn't have to settle for substandard healthcare any longer, and it's her personal mission to give the same opportunity to everyone else.

Jake Larsen, Vice President

Jake has always believed that in order to grow one's business and personal success, it is imperative that you provide immense value to those under your care.

He first connected with the Woodruffs as a computer technician for Elk Country Computer Services, which he successfully started as a teen. Now, he hopes not only to improve the lives of his clients in a small geographical area by providing them with working technology, but greater still to change the lives of millions around the world by spreading the message and techniques found only with Vibrate-A-Way.

Jake grew up in NYC and enjoys being very active. He was first drawn to the Vibrate-A-Way System after noticing better performance during cycling and other recreational sports. For Jake, it's all about athletic enhancement and injury prevention, and he believes Vibrate-A-Way should be an integral part of any athlete's regimen.

Aaron Washburn, Head of Emotional Resonance & Mind-body sciences

Aaron Washburn, a distinguished expert in emotional regulation, body language translations, and hypnotherapy, serves as the visionary leader of our Emotional Resonance Program. His journey into the world of holistic well-being has been marked by a relentless pursuit of knowledge, a deep passion for healing, and a personal experience that transformed his life.

In 2012, Aaron faced a heart-wrenching loss when his beloved mother succumbed to lung cancer. This devastating event not only left him with profound grief but also triggered a decade-long struggle with left-sided sciatica pain. For ten years, he carried the physical manifestation of his emotional turmoil, unaware of the intricate connection between his emotions and his body.

It was a pivotal moment in Aaron's life when he realized that by addressing the deep grief he had been harboring for a decade, he could alleviate his sciatica pain. This profound revelation led him to understand that psychosomatic pain, where emotional distress manifests as physical discomfort, was a powerful force to be reckoned with. As he regulated his emotions and released the grief over his mother, his sciatica pain began to dissipate. It was a life-changing experience that ignited his passion for holistic healing.

But Aaron's journey didn't stop there. He encountered someone facing their own right-sided sciatica pain, a friend who had tragically lost her son a decade earlier. Drawing from his own transformation, Aaron shared his story and guided her through his unique process. Miraculously, her sciatica pain also vanished, proving the profound impact of addressing emotional and mental well-being on physical health.

This experience set Aaron on a quest to explore the realm of psychosomatic pain and holistic healing further. Armed with expertise in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), hypnotherapy, and body language translations, he embarked on a mission to help others break free from the shackles of emotional distress that often manifest as physical pain. Aaron believes in working the body as a unit, addressing the mind, emotions, and the physical body in harmony. This philosophy aligns seamlessly with Vibrate-A-Way's mission to offer a holistic approach to well-being.

As the Head of our Emotional Resonance Program, Aaron's personal journey, expertise, and unwavering commitment to holistic healing converge. His transformative work is not only a testament to the power of emotional regulation but also a beacon of hope for those seeking to free themselves from the invisible chains of psychosomatic pain.

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